Bonding Trips Department

Have you ever searched Google for an excellent production company with a fun day/bonding activities department? What? You haven’t found one! Well it’s a good job you’re here, because Kenes Israel’s Bonding Trips Department is exactly what you’re looking for.
We don’t have any pre-prepared content. Here we focus on building a program especially for you!
Want the numbers? The department produces more than 800 highly successful bonding trips a year. And that’s just for starters.
But why boast about quantity when we have the quality too? The department is home to a team of “Israel experts” – energetic, dedicated and professional with a broad knowledge of hundreds of routes,beauty spots, views, sites, guides and attractions.
They wake up every morning with the aim of crafting the perfect bonding day just for you (and no one else…)

Moriya Azulay
Bonding Trip Department Manager

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